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How to Check Anaconda Version?

Check Anaconda Version

Simply run the following commands in CMD or inside Anaconda Prompt to Check Anaconda version in Windows.

conda list anaconda$

To check Anaconda Version in MAC, simply go to MAC terminal or Anaconda Prompt and run the following command.

conda list anaconda$

So have you installed anaconda but not sure what version it is? Or do you simply need to use someone else’s device that has Anaconda installed, but first you need to check anaconda version just to confirm? if you fall into these groups then please read along. This article is about a brief introduction to Anaconda and how to check its version.

What is Anaconda distribution?

Before heading over to a bit more into Anaconda and its version check, let’s have a basic idea about what Anaconda is.

Anaconda is a Python and R distribution for data science and machine learning. It simplifies data science & machine learning package deployment and management. When you install Anaconda you install more than 250 data science and machine learning packages along with it.

Such packages suit your Windows, Mac, and Linux operating systems. These packages cover almost everything you need to start with your machine learning and data science project.

Most interestingly, you can easily install over 7,500 additional open-source python and R packages using the conda package manager. 

Download Anaconda for Windows

If you haven’t downloaded Anaconda for Windows, MAC, or for Linux, now it’s the time! Go to the below link to download and install it from the official site.

Note that the Anaconda Individual Edition is free.

Some of the famous Anconda pre-installed packages

To see all the packages pre-installed with Anaconda, use CMD or Anaconda Prompt. For example head over to your CMD and type “conda list” and hit enter. Which gives you the following list.

conda list command inside CMD

The list goes on and on, so I cannot even screen capture everything in one image!

Let’s name some of the well-known packages pre-installed with Anaconda distribution.

  1. Numpy
  2. PIP
  3. Pandas
  4. Cython
  5. Flask
  6. Future
  7. scipy
  8. seaborn
  9. jupyter
  10. openssl
  11. pyyaml
  12. scikit-learn
  13. spyder

Let’s check Anaconda Version in Windows using Command Prompt

To do this you need to open the command prompt on your Windows computer, also known as CMD. Then type the following command.

conda list anaconda$

Conda will return only the package named “anaconda”, because we have included $ at the end.

conda list anaconda$ command to Check Anaconda Version in Windows

As we can see, I have the 2021.05 version. It might be different for you, but you get the idea.

If you enter the same command without the $ sign you are going to get more information.

conda list anaconda
conda list anaconda to check Anaconda Version in Windows

Let’s check Anaconda Version in WIndows using the Anaconda Prompt

You can also check the anaconda version using the anaconda prompt. Either search for ‘Anaconda Prompt” in the windows search or find it in the start menu.

Anaconda prompt in windows start menu

Let’s type the same command in Anaconda Prompt as well. And check for the result.

conda list anaconda$
Using Anaconda Prompt to Check Anaconda Version

As we can see, we get the same result. No matter which prompt you use, we always get the same set of results.

Now run the command without typing $ at the end, and investigate your result. Are they the same as when you ran it in the command prompt? ( Homework -;) )

Checking Anaconda version in MAC

Now that we know how to check the anaconda version in windows, let’s focus on MAC operating system.

Check whether Anaconda is installed in MAC

First of all, If you want to check whether Anaconda is actually installed, run the following command in the MAC terminal.

conda info

If you get a list of results then you have Anaconda in your MAC. Conda is installed with Anaconda, and a must for Anaconda to work. So the idea is that when you get the conda info successfully, you have Anaconda also working in your system.

Conda info command works with Windows as well. Let me show you what I get when I run the command in the Windows CMD.

conda info inside cmd

If Anaconda is installed you will see detailed information for both the Anaconda distribution and Python version.

Check Anaconda version in MAC

You can use the same commands that we previously used to Check Anaconda Version in MAC as well.

So run the following command either in MAC terminal or Anaconda Prompt within MAC operating system.

conda list anaconda$


There you have it. That’s how you Check the Anaconda version within Windows or in MAC once installed properly. It is just about issuing a simple command in command prompt or in Anaconda prompt.

But just in case, If you are looking for the commands to check conda version, simply read this post below.

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