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SEO for Quora: Tips for Attracting New Customers

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Let's not beat around the bush and start with the most important thing: why this article is worth reading. First of all, all names, characters and incidents depicted herein are not fictitious. This is a story about the SE Ranking team discovering Quora marketing and sharing their findings. Second, here you will find the most useful tips from this experience. And third, Quora gets results if you use it skillfully.According to statistics from DMR, over 200 million users visit Quora every month to get the answers they need. Can you imagine all the possible opportunities here? We've identified 10 major questions on Quora and found 10 answers that we'd like to share with you.1. What to expect from the platformLet's start at the end - our results from Quora activities. After all, you need to understand why it's good to invest your time and resources in this channel. In the first three months of working with the platform, we achieved the following: Monthly traffic increased by around 120% on average.Multiple mentions of the company and its products on the web.Our contributor profiles have become the ten most viewed in SEO Tools, Keyword Research, Local SEO, Search Engine Optimization.2K to 20K viewed our contributions daily through Quora's email activities.

quora authorMost often, our responses contained links to SE Ranking product pages, a blog, authoritative media articles about us (Search Engine Journal, Marketing Land, SEO Chat, etc.).Depending on the goals, responses can encourage people to:Sign up for the demo.Sign up for the trial version.Download the ebook 特殊数据库 or subscribe to the newsletter.Make a purchase.2. How to choose questionsFirst, show respect to the Quora community and become its member. Follow topics that might interest you: sports, travel, cars, computer games, etc.What you will earn:Learn from your own experience which Quora answers are really helpful.Your profile will become more “alive” so users see a person with real interests and not a typewriter of answers.You will get more subscribers.Follow topics related to your industry so relevant discussions appear in your feed.

For example, we subscribe to: SEO service, SEO tools, local Swoon-page SEO, off-page SEO.Link building, keyword research.Search engine marketing, web search.Google search, Google search ranking.Google webmaster tools.Find "conversion" questions that are already popular or view the following metrics: Have a large number of followers (starting from ten).Show high engagement. Check the ratio of the number of replies and followers: the higher the better. The ratio of one response to five or more followers shows pretty good engagement.We also follow new questions in the topics that interest us and try to answer them first.Look for high frequency keywords. 


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