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Conda Uninstall Tensorflow

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conda uninstall tensorflow

How many times have I come across this conflicting command? I really just can’t remember. Why are so many people on google searching for conda uninstall tensorflow? Does this command even work??

Why do you have to uninstall tensorflow?

Well, a lot of people who are trying to remove a broken, corrupted TensorFlow installation are seeking the correct method of doing so. Some just want to start a fresh TensorFlow installation or they just want to uninstall the existing version and install a newer version or downgrade. It’s all about compatibility and what you want to do with tensorflow.

Seems like there are lots of reasons why people want to remove their current rensorflow version. And a lot of them trying to do so by just running conda uninstall tensorflow command in command prompt or in anaconda prompt.

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Is conda uninstall tensorflow a thing??

So does it work? I’m wondering, simply because Conda package manager doesn’t have a such command! Instead, it has conda remove command for the same purpose. But, what if you actually type conda uninstall and hit enter?

Well, this is what going to happen…

Apparently, the command doesn’t throw back a “CommandNotFoundError“.

CommandNotFoundError in conda

So, yes “conda uninstall” is valid. Actually, it’s an alias of original “conda remove” command. So great news! It still works.

But, remember that uninstall is a standard command in pip package manager. So pip uninstall tensorflow is the so-called correct command. If you have install tensorflow using pip, then this is the right way of removing tensorflow completely from your computer.

Use the command “conda remove tensorflow” instead

We can simply run conda remove package where “package” is any package that you have installed with conda. This solves all the confusion.

To uninstall tensorflow from your system runconda remove tensorflow. I’m not going to do it. Because if I actually have to run that command it will start removing my tensorflow installation without any further confirmation request. And I don’t want that to happen.


Does “conda uninstall TensorFlow” even work? Yes, it works! But the so-called correct way of removing tensorflow with conda is by running the command “conda remove tensorflow“.

You can read more about TensorFlow from their official website. Proceed to TensorFlow Official

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