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How To Check Conda Version in Windows?

Check Conda Version

So you want to study data science with python or you are fascinated by machine learning? You have followed instructions and installed Anaconda in your system but do not know how to check conda version? Then you are in the right place.

If you haven’t already, download Anaconda for windows from the official site here. Anaconda Individual Edition is free.


Conda version vs Anaconda Version

While Conda is the package manager Anaconda is a massive set of about packages including “conda” itself, ipython notebook, numpy, scipy, pandas, and the list goes on and on. If you want to know how to check Anaconda Version Windows read this post right here.

If you are wondering how to check anaconda version, read the following post.

Checking conda version in windows by issuing simple commands

Well, checking the conda version is really simple and very straightforward! There are several commands that you can issue within your Windows Command Prompt also known as CMD. You can alternatively issue these same commands in Anconda Prompt. You automatically install Anaconda Prompt when you install Anaconda for windows.

Copy and paste these commands without ” “

Check Conda Version Windows Inside CMD

Type CMD in your windows search bar and open Command Prompt (app)

Type "conda --version" in your CMD and hit enter.

conda --version check conda version within CMD

As you can see I have the latest version conda 4.10.1

You can enter "conda --v" and get the same result.

conda --v

Check Conda Version Windows inside Anaconda Prompt

You can use Anaconda Prompt to issue all those above commands to check conda version. Type anaconda prompt in your windows search bar and open Anaconda Prompt (app)

Type "conda --version" in your Anaconda Prompt and hit enter.

type conda --version in anaconda prompt

As we can see we get the same result, that I have installed the latest conda version 4.10.1.

Type "conda --v" in your Anaconda Prompt and hit enter.

As expected yet again, we get the exact same result.


That’s it. That’s how we check conda version. If you have successfully installed Anaconda in Windows, checking the conda version is just a simple task of issuing a command in Windows Command Prompt or in Anaconda Prompt.

Before you go, let me remind you that Installing Anaconda in Windows is not that difficult either. If you haven’t installed Anaconda in windows yet, this is how you do it properly.

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